Carpet Python (Morelia spilota)

The Carpet Python is a non - venomous species of snake and is the most commonly encountered species within the Brisbane area. Statistics say 1 in 3 homes has a carpet python living there.


They vary greatly in patterns and colours, they can have stripes, cross bands and dark edge blotches. colouring varies from olive greens to browns. At the head they have distinctive pits on the lower jaw. The Carpet python can grow to a very large size in diamater it is not uncommon to find these at length exceeding 3 meters.

Habitat & Distribution

Habitat is wide spread,they are located north of northern, eastern and south of Australia. They live in open forests, rainforests, coastal heaths, rural lands, park lands and suburban gardens.


Behaviour varys from snake to snake some are placid whilst others are scared easily and will defend themselves. oh though they are non - venomous they can deliver a nasty bite and can become probelamatic with smaller pets such as Chouc coups cats, small dogs, gueinea pigs and birds as they are an easy food source for them.


They are very opportunistic and there food source is fairly wide such as Lizards, Birds, Rodents and as stated above they will often seek out small household pets.