Red Bellied Black Snake ( Pseudechis porphyriacus)

The Red bellied Black snake is one Australia's most well known snake due to its beautiful colouring however they are considered a highly venomous snake. If treated they are unlikely to cause fatalities within humans however will cause sever illness and often cause neurcrosis at the bite site


Most are dark black in colouring sometimes  lighter shades are found. They have cream to purple lower flanks however most commonly are sighted as red. The Ventral scales are usually a pale pink or cream and the head may be completley jet black, reddish brown or white. They are a fairly large species of snake, the average adult is around 1.4 meteres  but they can reach up to 2 meteres in length

Habitat & Distrbution

Native to the east coast of Australia they are sighted in cairns,  brisbane, canberra, sydney, melbourne and adelaide. There habitat varys  and are wide spread however they are commonly found around dams, streams, billabongs and any area with a good water supply


There food source consist of mainly frogs but they will prey on other reptiles including snakes and small mammals.