Keelback Fresh Water snake ( Tropidonophis mairii)

Non - Venomous snake however often confused with the rough scale snake which is a highly venomous species the two share very similiar features and is often incorrectly identified


The Fresh water snake or Keelback is an olive coloured snake with dark cross bands and as the name implies the scales are keeled which produces ridges along the snakes body. The belly is a cream colour with a tinge of pink or orange. It is a small snake species and only grows to a size of approximately 75 cm's

Habitat & Distribution

Likes to live around water such as creeks and swamps however can also be found in eucalypt forests, heaths, pastures, parks and suburban gardens


Generally will flee fast once disturbed reluctant to bite however will if aggrevitated and often lets out a musk as a form of defence.


Primarily feeds on frogs but will also eat fish, reptile eggs and small mammals. The keelback is the only snake that has succesfully been able to feed on cane toads in australia.