Yellow- faced whip snake ( Pseudechis porphyriacus)

Yellow - faced whip snake is a venomous snake however is not considered deadly but may cause issues with animals.  The bite can very painful with localised swelling. It is still a potentially dangerous snake as some people will react differently.


Colouring is usually grey to light olive green and often having a reddish tinge on the the neck down towards the back. The eye is distinctive with a yellow pale ring and a comma shaped marking underneath it with the belly being a greenish grey. This species is a very slender and small species of snake and only grows to 1 meter.

Habitat & Distribution

Often lives in gardens, forest and farmland. This snake is found widespread over a large portion of  mainland australia


A very fast moving snake which is active during the day


Generally feeds on lizards and there eggs however occasionally will prey on frogs and other snakes