Carpet python removal

Carpet python removal throughout Brisbane suburbs 

Carpet pythons are one of the most common species throughout the Brisbane, Logan, Redlands areas. Generally, they are not considered an issue as they are a non-venomous species and serve a good purpose with keeping the rodent population in check. However, at times they may need to be relocated depending on your situation. One of the main reasons snake catchers relocate them is because the homeowner owns small pets, generally under the 4kg and under mark, which can be a risk as pythons like any animal must eat! anything with fur or feather is a potential meal for a large python.  The other common reason is some individuals have extreme phobias, we understand that someone who has a fear of snakes has a resident snake can cause a lot of stress. We can simply manage this by relocating the python to a location away from the property and in an area where the animal will thrive, however far enough that it will not return to the property.  In addition it’s integral that residents find ways to prevent pythons accessing their beloved pet cages, we recommend Vermin mesh which can be purchased from Bunnings and other hardware stores. This mesh can secure a guinea pig cage, bird cage or any other any cage/ enclosure, this ensures that the python will not be able to gain access. every year we are constantly removing pythons from outdoor pet enclosures, and it’s a shame that they were not snake proofed in the first place. It’s also important not to forget about keeping an eye on smaller dogs and cats they can be an issue from time to time. Occasionally pythons also gain access to the inside of the  house, this is usually because they are simply trying to escape the elements such as heat or bad weather, make sure you keep doors and windows closed to avoid this.  

MIDNIGHT TOILET CARPET PYTHON Received a late call from an elderly couple in Ormiston a couple nights ago, a silly carpet python decided to go for a stroll through their house and eventually went for a nap next to their toilet. They said they didnt mind visits from the local wildlife, just not when there next to their toilet 😂- Stewy

Posted by Brisbane Snake Catchers on Saturday, February 3, 2018



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